Propagation Contracts

Thanks to a wide network of producer farmers, we propagate stock-seeds of beans, both bush and climbing, pumpkins and courgettes.

Customers are welcome to visit the fields during the growing season.

Growing Method

  • Planting of stock-seeds
  • Multiple controls in the field
  • Variety selection and elimination of off-types
  • Threshing and seed processing
  • Each batch is tested for Germination and Varietal Purity

the seeds are delivered with a plant health certificate issued by the competent region and with a european plant passport with regard to bean seeds

Seeding and delivery times.


  • Forwarding of the stock-seed: March
  • Planting: May / June
  • Delivery: November /December


  • Forwarding of the stock-seed: April
  • Planting: May
  • Delivery of the seed: October