The diversity of seasons, from year to year, the change of colours, scents and products, is the “variation” that nature makes.

Each year, however, spring is different from the previous year, the summer and the autumn unpredictable as well as the “crazy” winter, and this is the pursuit that man makes towards Nature, foreseeing and following it.
Our company tries to satisfy the most varied needs for all seasons. We have a large assortment of:


We also offer Spanish, French or Italian garlic bulbs for spring and autumn, naturally in bunches, braids and in packs of 10 kg, 5 kg and 500 g, and diversify into white garlic, red garlic, pink garlic, purple garlic, early and late. Garlic is a bulbous cultivated plant. The real propagation organs are the cloves or bulbils, which form the bulb. This is wrapped in a series of leaves which have a protective function. The garlic bulbs must be stored in a cool and ventilated place in crates or hung intertwined in long braids called “reste”. In addition to the most famous culinary properties, particularly appreciated in Italy for Mediterranean cuisine, garlic has numerous therapeutic properties.

Certified garlic from seed

Our catalogue is supplied with a section of certified garlic from seed coming from specialized French companies.

Onion bulbils

Of Dutch import, spring onion bulbils are in great demand on the Italian market. In 25 kg, 10 kg and 500 g packs, the company markets the following varieties: Stuttgarter, Sturon, Red Karmen and White Snowball. Onions are one of the most used aromas in kitchens all over the world, it has a consistent nutritional value, thanks to the presence of mineral salts and vitamins, especially vitamin C, it also has numerous therapeutic uses.

Shallot bulbs

Shallots, like garlic and onion, boast numerous “metabolic qualities”, used considerably in the kitchen, the company markets two types, which differ in origin. The French shallot has more elongated red-brown bulbs, while that of Dutch origin has shorter and rounded bulbs.


For all those who see more than just a hobby in the cultivation of mushrooms, the company responds by offering different types of spawn, available in 100 g cans or bags and substrates.

Seed Potatoes

In the first two months of the year, the company also offers Certified Seed Potatoes, both Italian and foreign, in its range of items. The white, yellow and red potatoes of Italian origin can be found in 10 kg and 2.5 kg packs. While foreign potatoes, also of different types (white, yellow, red and with red skin and flesh) can be found in 10 kg and 5 kg packs.

Flower bulbs

We sell flower bulbs, to find out more ..